Abhimitra (Abhi) Meka

I am a Research Scientist in the Augmented Reality Perception group at Google where I work with Thabo Beeler, Christoph Rhemann and many other exceptional researchers, engineers and artists. My work lies at the intersection of computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning. I am particularly interested in the process of acquiring, understanding and modifying visual appearance of people and objects in images and videos to enable augmented reality.

I was a visiting postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University working with Maneesh Agrawala and Gordon Wetzstein in 2020. Before that I graduated summa-cum-laude with a Doctorate of Engineering from the Graphics, Vision and Video Group (Now Department of Visual Computing and Artifical Intelligence) at the Max Planck Insitute for Informatics, advised by Christian Theobalt. I was awarded the Eurographics PhD Award 2021 Honorable Mention for my doctoral dissertation.

I encourage you to talk to me about inverse rendering, view synthesis and relighting for Augmented Reality applications. Or we could talk if you are familiar with this!

E-mail : abhijr@domainname.com, domainname = googlemail